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Hello. I am Equinox and here are some things I have done, made, thought, etc.

Words and wordplay

I really love words. As of October 2013, I am studying linguistics.

Some short stories and poems; random Goth poetry and pop songs; anagrams; cryptic crosswords; interactive fiction; limericks; filks; a Scrabble page; Law of the Playground; and my book collection. Some silly writing: Daily Shocker articles; chocolate reviews; predictions for 2018; and the New Eqsford Dictionary.

New! Words I've been adding to Wiktionary: egtazic acid, epicondyles, entamoebiasis, Churg-Strauss syndrome, erabutoxins, eosinocytes, eosinocyte, enophthalmia, unlearnability, episclera, episcleral, basidiobolomycosis, conidiobolomycosis, pythiosis, lagenidiosis, entomophthoramycosis, entomophthoromycosis, enophthalmos, epiphysiodesis, epicranii, epicranius, endotendineum, paratenons, paratenon, Epinosis, epikeratophakia, Epeira, cyberfrauds, cyberfraud, e-gold, cyberlaundering, episcleritis, epistasy, epimorphosis, epimorphotic, eosinopenia, Epigaea, epididymectomies, epididymectomy, epididymotomies, epididymotomy, epiblepharon, epicillin, epicritic, ependymocytes, ependymocyte, eosinophiluria, Entomostraca, enterobiasis, acrodermatitis enteropathica, ...


My free software, some of which is open-source: Eqtris, a falling-block puzzle game; Mushroom Man, a logical challenge; Whole New Ball Game, remake of an arcade-style puzzler; Eq's Word Finder, a word study tool; Imogen, an HTML image map editor; New! Blast 2: Aftershock, a maze action game; Elois IRC bot; SQL Server tools CompareDBs and Updata; and Updated! some miscellaneous hacks.

Other computer-related things: a name gender calculator; A Test of Character, a Unicode guessing game; some obfuscated code; free national flag images; a WebCrypt Pro decryptor; and computers I have owned.

Video games: my favourite games; Magic Mushrooms; Rocks'n'Diamonds levels; and NetHack foolishness.

Sinclair Spectrum stuff: Spectrum references in popular music; Easter eggs; Crap Games Competition; my demoscene productions; BASIC quiz and BASIC errors; Harry S Price rip-offs; playing and hacking Rockfall; Jet Set Willy; and the Dead Flesh comic strip.


Things musical: Coil lyrics (and other Coil material), Aphex Twin lyrics, Killing Miranda lyrics, Makke lyrics, and My Wrongs; and some music I have made.

Some pictures: Cassandra and Airheads comic strips, Keep Hatch House, my drawings, and my photo albums.


Updated! Here's something about me.

I am Skype he_vacillates on Skype. You can also find me on DALnet IRC, if you know where to look. is part of the CL4 Network.

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