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Hello. I am Equinox and here are some things I have done, made, thought, etc.

Words and wordplay

I really love words. As of October 2013, I am studying linguistics.

Some short stories and poems; random Goth poetry and pop songs; anagrams; cryptic crosswords; interactive fiction; limericks; filks; a Scrabble page; Law of the Playground; and my book collection. Some silly writing: Daily Shocker articles; chocolate reviews; predictions for 2018; and the New Eqsford Dictionary.

Words I've been adding to Wiktionary: unblues, unstrict, unstrictness, unchipper, hepness, prearrest, unhiply, unhipness, unnipped, unscabbarded, fannishly, pack-ins, pack-in, credit cookies, credit cookie, yellow bones, tambays, tambay, yellow bone, Valdivians, Valdivian, monitos del monte, monito del monte, madaris, cyrillaceous, Cyrilla, Jambos, postejection, postejaculatory, bank of mum and dad, bandoliered, top rakes, top rake, toggeries, camass, croydons, croydon, cassava wood, Bereans, Berean, noble art, nit nurses, note-perfect, novelizers, novelizer, nonentanglement, therapeutic touch, deep house, DWAI, ...


My free software, some of which is open-source: Eqtris, a falling-block puzzle game; Mushroom Man, a logical challenge; Whole New Ball Game, remake of an arcade-style puzzler; Eq's Word Finder, a word study tool; Imogen, an HTML image map editor; Blast 2: Aftershock, a maze action game; Elois IRC bot; SQL Server tools CompareDBs and Updata; and some miscellaneous hacks.

Other computer-related things: a name gender calculator; A Test of Character, a Unicode guessing game; some obfuscated code; free national flag images; a WebCrypt Pro decryptor; and computers I have owned.

Video games: my favourite games; Magic Mushrooms; Rocks'n'Diamonds levels; and NetHack foolishness.

Sinclair Spectrum stuff: Spectrum references in popular music; Easter eggs; Crap Games Competition; my demoscene productions; BASIC quiz and BASIC errors; Harry S Price rip-offs; playing and hacking Rockfall; Jet Set Willy; and the Dead Flesh comic strip.


Things musical: Coil lyrics (and other Coil material), Aphex Twin lyrics, Killing Miranda lyrics, Makke lyrics, and My Wrongs; and some music I have made.

Some pictures: Cassandra and Airheads comic strips, Keep Hatch House, my drawings, and my photo albums.


Here's something about me.

I am Skype he_vacillates on Skype. is part of the CL4 Network.

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